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LTC Austin offers the official DPS approved online Texas License to Carry / Concealed Handgun License class, in person LTC Class, LTC proficiency testing, and firearms training. Take the Online LTC Class from anywhere in the comfort of your own home/office or on the go.

About LTC Austin

License to Carry Austin is committed to providing the best firearms training possible. Offering classes such as the Online Texas License to Carry Class is only a small fraction of what is available. Whether you want a concealed carry class to get your carry permit, or just learn how to shoot, LTC Austin has what you need. No more large class sizes and being with people you don’t know. You choose your class size and take it with people you know in a private class, or simply take the class online from anywhere in Texas with the online LTC class! Unlike other companies that don’t offer the proficiency test, LTC Austin offers everything you need to get your License to Carry a Handgun. Continue to the about us page or to the blog for more information about LTC Austin and what we have to offer.

In partnership with LTC Austin offers its students the best class ans experience possible. 

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Handgun Safety Guidelines for Women in Texas, TX

Essential Handgun Safety Guidelines for Women

In today’s uncertain world, many women are looking for ways to protect and defend themselves in life-threatening situations, so it’s not surprising that increasing numbers of women are purchasing handguns. For all people who carry handguns, both men and women, it’s essential that they learn how to handle and shoot

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What You Need to Know about Open Carry in Texas
LTC Austin Blog

Constitutional Carry – how could it affect you?

Constitutional Carry, or permitless carry, has been adopted by 15 states within the US. This allows for the carrying of a handgun without a permit or license. In Texas, the License to Carry is currently required in order to concealed or open carry within the state and it is issued

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