About Us

Who Are We

A firearms training and retail shop run by a current law enforcement officer, giving a unique perspective that can not be found elsewhere.

Our Mission

To provide the best training/classes and customer service possible.

What We Do

Firearms training and sales of firearms, parts, accessories as well as transfers.

Our Background

LTC Austin, run under Blue Line LTC LLC, is owned and operated by Joel Kuchenski out of Leander, just north of Austin. Specializing in online LTC classes as well as small groups/private classes, Joel currently teaches Texas LTC classes as well as handgun, AR-15, and shotgun classes. LTC Austin also powers OnlineTexasLTC.com.

Joel also works as a police officer for a department of over 1800 officers and is a firearms and tactical instructor. Joel teaches pistol, AR-15 and shotgun classes and tactics; he also has his LTC Instructor license mandated by the state in order to teach LTC classes and is an approved online course provider. As an active senior police officer in a large department, Joel provides a unique perspective with real world experience enhancing the subjects and tactics taught.


Why choose us?

As a current police officer for a large police department, Joel offers a perspective with real world experience in classes and training that is not offered elsewhere. With hundreds of hours of documented firearms and tactics training, Joel has the knowledge and real world experience to offer students training that cannot be found anywhere else.

LTC Austin is always quick to respond to calls, texts and emails. Your questions will be directed to someone with knowledge and experience, so you are sure to get the most accurate information.

While other firearms instructors and gun shops are notorious for having poor customer service, LTC Austin’s top priority is to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Run by a current law enforcement officer, with a spouse that was in the military, LTC Austin supports all 1st Responders and military however it can.

For discounted class prices and training exemption possibilities for law enforcement and military, please check OnlineTexasLTC.com/Pro-Discounts