Can I Buy a Handgun in Texas without a Permit?

There are many values and beliefs that make the Lone Star State a great place to live, including an appreciation of personal freedom. Most Texans also want to enjoy their freedom in a way that’s lawful and sensible. This extends to the regulations and rules that go along with being a handgun owner in Texas, which brings us to the topic of whether or not a permit is needed to buy a handgun in this state. The firearms education professionals from LTC Austin, a top provider of Austin LTC online classes, explain what you need to know.

A Permit Isn’t Required to Make a Handgun Purchase

You won’t have to worry about obtaining a permit to simply purchase a handgun in Texas. However, there are some regulations to keep in mind. For one thing, you must be at least 21 years of age or older to buy a handgun. The age requirement is 18 or older for general firearm purchases, although there are some exceptions for minors using guns with proper adult supervision.

A Permit Is Needed for Concealed Carry

A permit is required in Texas for concealed carry, meaning the handgun cannot be seen by the casual observer. However, there are restrictions on where a handgun or other types of firearms can be carried. This includes public offices and, in certain cases, private property.

Licensing Guidelines Apply as Well

Beyond purchasing, you’ll need a license to carry your handgun in Texas. The primary exceptions are if you’re on property you own or control and if you’re on your way to a boat or land-based motor vehicle you own.

Open Carry Is Allowed for Handguns

In Texas, both concealed carry and open carry are allowed with a permit. The state restricts how a gun can be open carried and started allowing it in 2017.

How to Buy a Handgun in Texas

As for purchasing a handgun in the Lone Star State, you’ll need to fill out the required paperwork, which is Form 4473. As long as you’re eligible to own a firearm and in compliance with federal gun laws, you should be able to legally purchase a handgun in Texas, and no permit is needed. Your eligibility to purchase a handgun in Texas is determined by undergoing a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). If you pass the background check, you’ll be able to complete your purchase.

Make Your Handgun Purchase Yourself

In Texas, you cannot have a friend or family member purchase a handgun for you. To complete a legal handgun purchase, you’ll need to make the purchase for yourself in person.

Whether you purchase a gun for self-defense, hunting, competition, or another purpose, make sure you have the proper training to do it safely. You can count on the firearms education pros at LTC Austin for the highest-quality training available. Whether you’re looking for LTC proficiency testing or you want to take an Austin LTC class, call us today at 512-766-3039.