What Distances Should You Use for Concealed Carry Practice?

Ideal Distances for Concealed Carry Shooting Practice

Those who hold concealed carry licenses know the need to defend oneself can arise in a split second. Selecting the right distance while you practice shooting is vital. It can be difficult to shoot at distant targets, and assessing the nature of a threat is significantly more difficult if the target is far away. The distance you choose for shooting practice should vary and include both close and farther ranges. Being able to quickly draw and accurately evaluate a threat at any distance is crucial. The firearms training pros from LTC Austin, the premier providers of LTC 101 online courses, explain further.

Practice Your Shooting from Varying Distances

Three to seven yards is typically the ideal practice distance because most concealed carry self-defense situations occur in close quarters. You’ll want to practice quickly and safely unholstering, acquiring your target, and firing from even just a few feet away. A smooth draw with the ability to quickly get on your sights and fire accurate rounds is going to be the most important skill. In a high-stress situation, such as an incident where you need to defend yourself, statistics show that you’ll only be as good as your worst day of training.

Add Long-Range Distances to the Mix

You’re responsible for every round that’s fired from your gun. Practicing from longer ranges will increase your accuracy—distances out to 25 yards is highly recommended . Although being involved in a shooting at this distance is rare, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

Continue Practicing at Distances that Challenge You to Do Better

You should ideally mix up your training to ensure you’re always practicing at a level that suits your current needs. If you’re always training at a distance that challenges you, you’ll continue to see improvements. Don’t rely too much on scenarios you’re already familiar with, because you’re trying to improve your abilities. Your shooting abilities should become somewhat routine, but they should never be programmatic. Real-life situations are dynamic and unpredictable, so reflexes and intuition are as important as accuracy.

Try Practicing with Moving Targets

Anyone who has watched the police exchange gunfire in a video knows armed and dangerous targets often move very quickly. Many shooting ranges have mechanical targets that move farther away from you as you fire. This is more challenging than dealing with a static target because you constantly need to redirect your aim to remain accurate. A target that moves back and forth from two to five yards is ideal because this scenario is most similar to a real concealed carry self-defense situation. 

Practicing your shooting skills at various distances is a big part of making sure you know how to use your gun safely. You can strengthen your knowledge even more by taking an Austin concealed carry online class. Gun owners can count on the firearms education pros from LTC Austin for the highest-quality training available. Give us a call today at 512-766-3039.