Can Texans Wear Masks While Legally Carrying Handguns

Is It Legal to Wear a Mask While Carrying a Handgun in Texas?

Once upon a time, before COVID-19, if you wore a mask and carried a gun in Texas, you might get into trouble just because the general assumption was that a masked person with a gun was about to rob something or somebody. Times have definitely changed, since everyone is now required to “mask up” and many people in Texas carry guns. The question for many people, however, is “Can Texans wear masks while legally carrying handguns?” The answer may surprise you, but it’s one that makes perfect sense under the law. The firearms education pros from LTC Austin, a premier provider of CHL online classes, offer this explanation.

You Maintain Your Right to Carry

Texas laws state you can legally carry a rifle or other firearm in public with a permit if you don’t intend to cause injury or alert or threaten to harm. This law was established long before the current health guidelines and laws requiring all citizens in Texas to wear masks. You can check Texas Penal Code Section 42.01(a)(8) for details. Of course, this only applies to people who aren’t barred from otherwise carrying firearms because of past criminal convictions.

Masks Are a Separate & Unrelated Mandate

Despite the fact that people think there might be an increase in crime rates when individuals are simultaneously required to wear masks and allowed to carry weapons, most citizens in Texas don’t go about brandishing weapons at this time. Additionally, the mask mandate is a separate law that’s completely unrelated to firearms. Whether you agree with it or now, its purpose is for personal health and safety

Businesses Can Require Masks & Prohibit Guns on Their Premises

Just as a business can require masks to be worn in their establishment, they can also prohibit the carrying of guns. However, not many businesses are prohibiting guns because of the mask requirement. Generally, these businesses already had signs posted for 30.07 and 30.06 before the COVID-19 pandemic and the mask requirement. Being that we’re in Texas, most businesses understand the reasons for carrying a firearm and don’t want to infringe on this right. 

No matter why you’re choosing to carry a firearm, it’s essential to make sure you learn how to do it safely and follow the laws in your jurisdiction. License to Carry Austin is committed to providing the best firearms training possible. Whether you want to take an Austin license to carry online course to get your carry permit or you simply want to learn how to shoot and handle a gun safely, LTC Austin has what you need. Give us a call today at 512-766-3039.