The Best Concealed Carry Positions

There isn’t really a single “best” concealed carry position, since the way you opt to carry your firearm in Texas is subjective. Even so, there are popular concealed carry positions that gun owners tend to prefer. The firearms safety and training experts from LTC Austin, your premier choice for Austin concealed carry online training, offer this brief review of some of the best and most popular concealed carry positions.

3 O’Clock Position

This is a popular and classic waistband position. It’s so named because the holster is placed on the hip slightly toward the front pocket area. It’s also a versatile position that allows you to conceal your handgun with an untucked shirt, sweater, or similar loose-fitting top. There are two approaches to the 3 o’clock position:

• Outside the waistband – Your handgun is easier to access this way, but it could also be detectable in places where open carry isn’t permitted or appropriate.

• Inside the waistband – Considered the most popular concealed position according to some sources, the 3 o’clock inside-the-waistband position ensures proper concealment while providing added gun stability.

Appendix Carry

Also referred to as the 2 o’clock position, appendix carry means your gun is located on the inward-facing side of the front pocket area—sort of off to the side of your belly button. It’s an increasingly popular position because it allows for a strong and rapid cross or side draw. However, this carrying position may not be comfortable or practical with a larger handgun.

4–5 O’Clock Position

Sometimes called the kidney position, the 4–5 o’clock position is somewhere between your hip area and the small of your back. A shirt that’s not tucked in or another type of outer garment allows for convenient concealing with this position. Drawing your handgun isn’t quite as easy when carrying this way, but it’s still manageable. However, sitting may be a challenge if you’re not careful about holster position.

Small-of-the-Back Carry

The small of your back is the area around the lower part of your back. This position is worth considering if you want more flexibility with what you can wear comfortably while not displaying your firearm or creating an imprint. However, your handgun may be slightly outlined when sitting. Drawing can be a bit awkward with this position, but it’s still possible with some practice and dexterity.

Belly Carry

Another popular position is sometimes referred to as belly carry, which is done by wearing a belly band holster. It’s an increasingly popular choice because it’s a bit more comfortable and it doesn’t present any issues when sitting. Plus, the band for the holster can be adjusted to fit higher or lower within the belly area, depending on your preference.

Ankle Carry

If you want more freedom with the kinds of shirts or tops you can wear, ankle carry is something to consider. You’ll obviously need to wear jeans or other types of long pants to conceal carry around your lower calf or ankle. Drawing from this position can be a bit inconvenient, but it’s still possible with some practice.

No matter which concealed carry position you choose, safety should always be your top priority. If you’d like to learn more about gun safety, taking an Austin concealed carry class online, or any other aspect of firearms ownership, reach out to the experts at LTC Austin today at 512-766-3039.