6 Concealed Carry Basics for New Gun Owners

Concealed carry or carrying a concealed weapon refers to the act of carrying a handgun in public in a way that’s not noticeable. While Texas is also an open carry state, there are times when you may prefer or be required to conceal your handgun. If you’ve just recently become a handgun owner, the firearms safety and training experts from LTC Austin, your premier choice for Austin online concealed carry training, offer these six tips to keep in mind when it comes to concealed carry.

1. Carry as Much as Possible

Practice makes perfect. You’re not going to get comfortable with concealed carry if you stash your firearm away and only occasionally carry it. Practically, this is beneficial because you don’t want to be in an unexpected situation and end up fumbling for your handgun. You also need to take time to practice so you’re not surprised by the recoil or unable to have good aim if you need to use your handgun.

2. Choose the Right Holster

Concealed carry will be easier to get used to if you have a holster you’re comfortable with. Pay particular attention to the location of the holster and your comfort level while having it attached and with your firearm inside. Holsters for concealed carry can be in the form of:

• Belly bands
• Pocket holsters
• Ankle holsters
• Waistband holsters
• Shoulder holsters

3. Don’t Keep Touching Your Gun

It’s common for first-time concealed carriers to instinctively touch their guns to see if they’re still in place. However, doing so just draws attention to you and may make others around you feel uncomfortable. Besides, if you have a holster that properly fits your gun, it will stay put. On a related note, resist the urge to adjust your gun in public if you want to be discreet about it. This could also cause problems in certain locations.

4. Get Used to Wearing the Right Clothes

You can still conceal carry and retain your sense of style. Just do some experimenting to find clothes that allow you to discreetly carry in style and comfort. For instance, dark shirts tend to conceal handguns better than brightly colored ones. Conversely, head-to-toe tactical clothing practically advertises the fact you have a gun.

5. Carry a Gun that’s Right for You

The handgun you initially practice with as you prepare to get your license to carry (LTC) in Texas doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you ultimately carry. Ideally, you want a gun that’s easy to grip and use and isn’t going to be so heavy or awkward that concealed carry isn’t practical.

6. Have the Right Mindset

The primary purpose of concealed carry is to boost your own sense of personal security. That said, you don’t want to put yourself in situations where you’ll be more likely to have a need to defend yourself (e.g., walking in a dark alley to get to your car when there are other well-lit ways to get to it safely). Instead, remain sensible and enjoy the added peace of mind that goes along with concealed carry. 

Whether you’re new to concealed carry or you’re an experienced handgun owner, safety should always be your top priority. If you’d like to learn more about concealed carry laws, gun safety, taking an Austin concealed carry online class, or any other aspect of firearm ownership, reach out to the experts at LTC Austin today at 512-766-3039.