Does Firearm Ownership Lead to a Reduction in Crime Rates?

Most gun owners in Texas firmly believe gun ownership reduces crime, and some studies do suggest this could very well be the case. There are several reasons this could be true in various situations. Below, we take a closer look at a possible link between gun ownership and a reduction in crime. If concerns about crime are leading you to consider buying a gun of your own, it’s a great idea to take an Austin license to carry online class, where you’ll learn how to handle your gun safely as well as your legal responsibilities as a gun owner.

Criminals Are Often Deterred by Armed Individuals

There’s anecdotal evidence supporting the reasonable belief that criminals are often reluctant to attack armed victims. This can certainly apply to Texans who prefer to open carry, which has been legal in the Lone Star State since 2016. It stands to reason that if criminals clearly see firearms being carried, they’ll be less likely to approach the individuals carrying the guns out of the fear of having the tables turned on them.

Gun Owners Are Likely to Be Capable of Defending Themselves

If you apply for a License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) in Texas, you’ll need to meet training requirements. For this reason, a logical assumption can be made that gun owners, in general, are likely to be capable of defending themselves when necessary. Having a better understanding of how a gun is used and when to use it also helps responsible gun owners exercise good judgment when faced with threatening situations, which could then make it easier to mitigate risks.

Gun-Owning Business Owners May Be Safer

There have been several instances of store owners successfully defending themselves against criminals by responsibly using their guns. In some cases, a sign warning would-be criminals that a store is armed can serve as a deterrent, which could result in a reduced crime rate in some neighborhoods.

Confident Gun Owners May Deter Criminals

There are some psychological reasons owning a gun may reduce crime. One of these is an increased sense of confidence. In other words, if a gun owner is less afraid and more confident while going about his or her daily routine, a would-be criminal may be less inclined to prey upon that person. This assertion is supported by psychological profiles of criminal behavior that suggest criminals tend to gravitate toward “targets” they see as easy prey.

What the Research Shows

Gun rights advocate John Lott has published research suggesting states with concealed carry laws tend to have lower violent crime rates. Lott’s findings are based on a review of crime statistics for every county in the United States from the late 1970s through 2005. Texas is among the states where concealed carry is legal for residents. Lott primarily focused his analysis on the United States. However, he did note in his research that countries that banned guns generally saw spikes in crime rates after doing so. Several papers have been published in support of Lott’s findings, including some presented at a conference organized by Yale Law School at the American Enterprise Institute. 

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