Best Gun for Home Defense if You Live in an Apartment or Condo in Texas, TX

What’s the Best Gun for Home Defense if You Live in an Apartment or Condo?

According to, home renting is at its highest level since the mid-1960s. Despite this fact, there’s not a lot of information available about guns that tend to be best for home defense for people living in apartments or condos. But there are some unique factors (e.g., shared walls, limited space, the need for greater accuracy) that need to be considered when making a list of some of the top guns often recommended for apartment and condo dwellers. The firearms education professionals from LTC Austin, a top provider of Austin LTC online classes, suggest some of the best guns for this type of home defense.


Pistols are a popular choice for home defense in general. Because they’re often easier to handle, the risk of stray bullets going through drywall is reduced. In particular, the 9mm pistol is often recommended because it’s easy to handle, it uses cost-effective ammo, and recoil is minimal. You can further reduce the risk of penetrating drywall and other barriers in your apartment or condo by using hollow-point slugs instead of FMJs.


A shotgun is another option for home defense if you live in an apartment or condo, but it’s essential to use the proper type of ammo. For example, overpenetration can be an issue with 12ga slugs, which could travel through multiple walls, so buckshot may be a more suitable choice. You could also consider birdshot because it won’t go through walls, but it’s less effective for home defense purposes. 


If you’re considering a rifle for home defense, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. However, keep in mind that generally speaking, compared to pistols and shotguns, all calibers of rifles shoot at a much greater velocity. Because of this, a rifle may not be the most suitable choice if you’re concerned about overpenetration in closer proximities. 

Choosing a Gun

When you’re choosing the gun that’s right for you, it’s always best to do some thorough research on your own. One of the best ways to explore your options with firearms is to visit a shooting range or gun store and handle a variety of different types of firearms. This way, you’ll discover which models feel most comfortable for you. If you have a friend who owns a few various types of guns, ask him or her to let you try them out and give you some tips on how to decide which one is best for your unique needs. 

Training & Practice

No matter which type of gun you choose for home defense in your apartment or condo, it’s essential to get training in how to use it properly, and you should practice shooting it on a regular basis. Training and practice will increase the level of comfort and control you have with your firearm, reducing the risk to neighbors and other home occupants and helping you be better prepared to handle your gun safely and correctly if you’re ever required to use it for home defense. 

Whether you own a gun for home defense, hunting, competition, or another purpose, make sure you have the proper training to do it safely. You can count on the firearms education pros at LTC Austin for the highest-quality training available. Whether you’re looking for LTC proficiency testing or you want to take an Austin LTC online course, call us today at 512-766-3039.