This is the first post for LTC Austin and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and talk briefly about what what the content here will look like. My name is Joel Kuchenski, I own and operate LTC Austin (license to carry Austin). I am an avid shooter and firearms is my main hobby. I work full time as a police officer for a large municipal police department and am currently assigned to patrol and have been in this position for about 6 years. Since January 2017, I have also been a firearms instructor for the department. I hold a TCOLE Firearms Instructor certificate and TCOLE Basic Instructor certificate, among many other certifications (including DPS LTC Instructor). I have had the opportunity to take part in hundreds of hours of firearms tactics and active shooter training as well.

This is my first blog and many different topics will be discussed. There are a few reasons for starting it. I find myself doing a lot of research when it comes to buying anything, whether gun related or not. This research was because I could not find the answers for my situation and needed to find out as much as possible before making a purchase. I can now share the research I have completed and the conclusions I came to (your conclusions for your situation may be different than mine).

Being a current police officer on patrol in a large city gives me a unique perspective when it comes to the license to carry / concealed handgun licenses and other aspects about carrying a gun on a daily basis. Not just because I personally carry a gun everyday on and off duty, but because I also come into contact with people (for good and bad reasons) who are carrying guns. I know how police should respond in situations involving a gun and how people should react to that response. I can share that perspective through classes I teach and in the blog.

Hopefully people will find the information here useful. Thanks!