What Types of Ammo Are Legal in the State of Texas in Texas, TX

What Kinds of Ammunition Are Legal in Texas?

When people think about gun restrictions, they usually focus on the types of guns they’re allowed to own. However, did you know ammunition type also matters? Texas has a few rules in place about the types of ammo you can use with your gun. Learning about Texas ammunition regulations will help you avoid potential fines or jail time. If you want to learn even more, one of the best ways to be informed about every aspect of carrying firearms in Texas is to take an LTC 101 online course.

Almost All Types of Ammunition Are Allowed

Texas actually has very relaxed laws about owning and purchasing ammunition. As long as you meet federal laws about being old enough to purchase ammunition, you can get just about anything you want. This includes hand loads, ammunition marked as being only for the use of law enforcement, and hollow point ammunition. You’re free to purchase, possess, and shoot just about any type of ammunition as long as you follow the laws for owning and operating firearms. 

Only One Type of Ammunition Is Strictly Forbidden

On a state level, the only specific type of ammunition that’s illegal is armor-piercing ammunition for handguns. This is defined as a type of handgun ammunition designed to penetrate any metal or body armor. Armor-piercing ammo cannot be knowingly possessed, manufactured, sold, transported, or repaired within the state of Texas. This ammunition is illegal because lawmakers feel it doesn’t have a use in most hunting or self-defense situations. As a type of ammunition that can be concealed and used against law enforcement or the military, these ammunition rounds are outlawed. 

Some Types of Ammo May Cause Problems in Court Cases

Keep in mind your ammo may come under scrutiny if you break the law. Certain types of ammunition are more lethal than others, so in a court case, your choice of ammo may be brought up as proof you intended to kill someone with your gun. Of course, this may not matter in cases of legal self-defense. However, if you use your gun in an illegal manner, your technically legal ammo choice could still get you in trouble. 

You Still Have to Follow Federal Law

Texas state laws regulating ammunition are fairly lax, but you still need to pay attention to federal law as well. All federal ammunition regulations are still in effect in Texas. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy guideline to follow, since state and federal laws essentially have the same rules when it comes to ammunition. As with Texas state law, the only ammunition outlawed by federal law is armor-piercing ammunition designed for use with handguns. The only difference is that federal laws have a slightly broader definition of what counts as armor-piercing ammunition. Any projectile made of certain alloys or with a jacket weight of more than 25 percent of the weight of the entire projectile is outlawed by federal law.

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