Can I Legally Carry My Gun in Texas with a Bullet in the Chamber?

It’s estimated anywhere from 35 to 43 percent of the population in Texas own firearms. If you’re a newer legal gun owner in the Lone Star State, you may have some questions about what you can legally do with your preferred type of gun. One of these questions may be whether or not it’s legal to have a bullet in the chamber in Texas. Here’s what you need to know.

A Bullet Can Be in the Chamber with a License to Carry

Concealed carry in Texas is legal for a resident who has a license to carry (LTC). This also applies to a nonresident with a concealed carry license or a permit from another state Texas recognizes for licensing purposes. There are no additional stipulations listed in Texas’s statutes for legal gun use dealing specifically with being able to have a bullet in the chamber. Ultimately, this means it’s legal to have a bullet in the chamber—sometimes referred to as “one in the chamber.” 

But There Are Training Requirements

All you need in Texas to legally carry a handgun is a license to carry. This is what you apply for through the Regulatory Services Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. As for training requirements, there are two options in Texas:

• Online classes with a proficiency demonstration
• Traditional in-person classes

With the LTC online classes, you’ll need the state-required four hours of online instruction. Once you complete this requirement, you’ll receive what’s called an LTC-101 certificate of completion. This certificate will need to be taken to a license to carry instructor in person for the proficiency demonstration. This is the part of the process when you’ll need to meet the shooting qualification after you receive range instruction. The in-person LTC class needs to be scheduled in advance, and it will take a minimum of 5–6 hours to complete. The shooting portion is done during that time as well for in-person classes.

What Is the Shooting Qualification?

Regardless of how you complete the initial instruction for receiving a license to carry in Texas, the shooting qualification is the same. You’ll need to shoot 50 rounds in total from a three-yard line back to a 15-yard line. For most legal gun owners in Texas, this isn’t a difficult task. Keep in mind that in the Lone Star State, you don’t need to be an expert shooter to responsibly own a gun, including one that’s ready for use. You simply need to be able to safely handle your preferred firearm and shoot it correctly. As long as you responsibly use your gun and take appropriate precautions, having a bullet in the chamber is, for most gun owners in Texas, perfectly sensible and safe.

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