Texas Online License to Carry a Handgun Class

Texas law now allows for anyone to take the Texas LTC class online! Don’t want to spend all day sitting in a License to Carry class with people you don’t know?  Busy schedule making it difficult to set aside 4-6 hours of time for a class? Now you can take the official Texas Online License to Carry course online through LTC Austin. The Texas LTC online course fulfills the classroom portion of the License to Carry a Handgun class.

The LTC Austin LTC online class can taken anytime and anywhere! Whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone, our online concealed carry class can be taken from any of your devices. Video based and easy to take, the Texas online LTC class can be started and stopped as many times as needed so you can take it at your own pace. Only an internet connection is needed. Log in and out of the website as many times as needed and pickup where you left off. Some online license to carry courses simply display penal code to read without explaining it. LTC Austin’s instructor, Joel, presents the material with real world experience and examples, giving the class a unique perspective that others do not offer.

Our online Texas LTC course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services, Handgun Licensing Division. LTC Austin’s online concealed carry course exceeds the DPS requirements and provides the best learning experience for students. At the completion of watching all the videos, you will be given a 25 questions true false/multiple choice test. After completing this easy to take test, the LTC-101 certificate of training will be immediately available to download. This certificate can be taken to any Texas License to Carry instructor, such as LTC Austin, to have the proficiency test completed.

LTC Austin offers private proficiency demonstrations. DPS requires that 1-2 hours of “range instruction” be included with the proficiency demonstration. This is to ensure that the student understands all of the material and gives the student an opportunity to ask questions. Some companies simply have the student sit in for the last 2 hours of a standard LTC course to fulfill the range instruction requirement. This is not beneficial to the student. LTC Austin’s private proficiency demonstration is custom tailored to each student and their needs. Spend time one on one with an instructor at the range getting the information that you need to be confident in carrying a gun.