How to Shoot Your Pistol Correctly in Texas, TX

How to Shoot Your Pistol Properly

Despite what you may have seen in old movies or TV shows, “good” pistol shooting isn’t done by simply grabbing the gun, perfectly hitting the intended target, and blowing away the smoke from the end of the barrel. There are some important techniques that should be kept in mind when using a pistol, whether it’s for protective purposes or during practice sessions. Take a moment to learn more about what’s typically considered “good” or proper pistol shooting. If you want to learn even more, one of the best ways to be informed about carrying and shooting firearms is to take an Austin online LTC course.

Not Pointing Your Pistol at Something You Don’t Intend to Hit

Good pistol shooting ultimately means being a responsible handgun user. A firearm should never be pointed at anyone or anything unless there’s an intention to fire it. Keeping this in mind reduces the risk of negligent discharges.

Also, be a safe pistol user by:

• Keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire
• Confirming the barrel is free of obstructions
• Knowing for sure what you’re aiming at

Correctly Holding Your Pistol as You Prepare to Shoot

Proper pistol shooting also extends to how you hold your handgun. Use your dominant hand to grip the pistol and hold it firmly. Make sure the webbing of your hand (between your thumb and index finger) is as high up on the grip of the pistol as possible.

Complete the process of properly holding your pistol by:

• Placing your thumb on one side of the grip
• Curling your other fingers firmly around the other side just below the trigger guard
• Keeping your grip firm but not too tight

Having the Proper Firing Stance

Another element of what’s often considered good pistol shooting is the way you stand as you fire. Taking a fighting type stance, keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. Also, lean forward slightly and bend your knees to improve your balance and stability.

You’ll also be in a position that’s good for pistol shooting by remembering to:

• Flex both elbows so they’re angled slightly
• Face your target directly—don’t angle your body away from the target

Aiming Your Pistol Properly

Lastly, good pistol shooting takes into account how you actually aim your handgun. Do this by aligning the front sight with the rear one. Once you have your target in line, make sure you’re focusing directly the front sight. Doing so increases your odds of accurately hitting your intended target.

Complete the shooting process by:

• Placing your finger on the trigger
• Steadying your breathing
• Staying focused
• Pulling the trigger while maintaining a steady grip

Note: Also, make sure you know how to properly load and unload your pistol so you’ll be better prepared to use it in urgent situations, if necessary.

One of the most important parts of being a safety-conscious gun owner is knowing how to shoot it properly. Fortunately, high-quality firearms training is readily available. Whether you’re wondering “How do I get my LTC in Austin?” or you simply want to learn how to shoot, LTC Austin has what you need. LTC Austin provides online and private classes with one-on-one attention, professional instruction, flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and insights from a current law enforcement officer. For information on our wide array of classes, give us a call today at 512-766-3039.